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A Sunday Stroll in Pempelfort ("Stadtbezirke 01 - Düsseldorf")

Sunday has become my very personal day on which I take the puppy and camera out for a stroll in order to discover the beauty of the city Düsseldorf. In general, one can say that most buildings aren't exceptionally stunning, however there is a hidden gem on every street. All you got to do is open your eyes and appreciate the little things. Today, it was time to stroll around Pempelfort, which is the district that is only a few steps south of the district that I live in (Derendorf). I almost couldn't believe my eyes when seeing buildings that seem to be inspired by the Flatiron building in New York City. Here a few more impressions of Pempelfort. (I walked around following streets: Moltkestraße, Bagelstraße, Arndtstraße, Schinkelstraße, Schirmerstraße and along the unpathed Quartis Les Halles) 

This rustic doorknob turns this front door into a lovely and almost romantic highlight. 

Big city life = not knowing who lives next door, but starting casual conversation with other dog owners. 

A new must try café. I fell in love with the location, look and feel of this restaurant called "zimmer no. 01". Just across from it was a yoga studio and interior design store which seems to be the perfect spot to find birthday gifts for special people. 

Quartes Les Halles!

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