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Amerika! Amerika!
Sorry for being a little slow with the updates on this blog. Live is simply too exciting and every day has new adventures to offer. So, please forgive me! The weather is fabulous (no hurricanes or storms, just sun and fun), the people in this neighborhood (or the south at large), the family, the networking opportunities are all astonishingly great. Here a couple impressions of my past week. 

(above: picture was taken at Northpoint mall - I didn't get the shirt - and I didn't realize until I saw the pic on my laptop that it has such "symbolic meaning" :)  Taty is still in love with the country.)
Past saturday I went over to Chris & Kate's place (former neighbors from Newburgh) for a BBQ. Great food and company! 
The "grill master" Michael (Christian's colleague)

Coffee with the girls after a ballet show (Mike picked up Evelyn from the airport from her trip to Europe, so us girl decided to splurge a little :) )

The three kiddles of Christian. Tuesday and today I watched them. I got a great workout :) Trampoline, Hula Hoop, Jumping Rope, Chasing, Basketball AND a nice little photo shooting. (the close ups are hilarious) 

My best friend and the best medicine to cure my desire to snuggle with Lotti. 

This one is for my German friends who think they want summer: mosquito bites are the WORST! So be happy you don't have to deal with that :) 

A little game of Jenga between writing applications and honors papers :)

Fun at the Northpoint mall! I took Charlotte with me and we had a blast (we both got some sunglasses and she just looked like a movie star wearing them while carrying my pink VS bag) :) Of course we couldn't miss the carrousel ride!

REALLY happy taty with her new (and first "real") sunglasses! (thank you mami for the birthday gift! I will think of you every time the sun shines now!) 

Let me introduce: Charlotte - The cookie queen!

Ta daa! I am a very proud owner of polarized (I didn't even know what that meant prior to buying these, as I was so used to buying H&M sunglasses every summer for 4€ :) ) Mami's birthday gift for me. In love... 

I had the hardest time deciding which ones I should get and even more so for deciding which color my case for the glasses should have. Black and brown were the options. What do you think? Good choice?

Miss you tons! Keep writing me as you are. I love to hear what is going on in your lives. Although I am only here for almost 2 weeks, it feels a LOT longer! Skype sessions coming up!

OH and be prepared for some nice pictures from the beach!
For everyone that wants to feel envy. Click here !!

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