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Welcom to Miami...!

On the 29th the day had finally come! I was ready to go and jump into the plane to Miami!° But wasn't as easy as i thought it would ;)be. So usually my flight was planed for 630am. But then my airline had some computerproblems so that we waited and waited and waited and .... waited ;) The bad thing about that was not just that it was a pain to wait on the airport instead of lying in bed, more it was really bad because everybody missed their connecting flight. Including me ;) THe good thing was that i was going to fly from atlanta to miami what usually is not such a big deal. So finally around 930 or 10am we had been ready to go with our handwritten boardingpasses *hilarious* What meant that i got to Atlanta at noon. Then i was scooting to one of the counters there to figure out which flight to miami i can catch. Apparently the woman told me that there is just on flight at 9pm!!! And i totally freaked out. I couldn't believe it. So i told them that i have an important meeting in Miami and they put me in a airplane of another company. That was amazing! I had 15 Minutes to get to my plane and i was up up away on my way to Miami and Lawrence ;) I was excited that finally everything worked out, although i wasn't sure if i will see my luggage where i want to see it ;) Once in Miami everything worked out great! I got my suitcase and took a cap to South beach to our hotel where Lawrence already waited for me. He bought some Caipirinia stuff for us and made my my first caipirinia here in the US. It was great! Especially because our room had an amazing ocean view! After our little Christmas (the funniest thing was that we bought the same book for each other *g* ) we just went to the beach, walking around and enjoying the beautiful ocean and the hot weather! At night we dressed up and went to a high spot restaurant "Nobu and Ago" It was great just to sit there, have some food and watch all those nicely dressed people in great shape! It was a nice, fun, exciting and relaxing night!


  1. Ich sehe dich vor mir, wie du dich erregt und durchgesetzt hast :-) aber am Ende alles wird gut! Hey, du darfst keinen Alk zu dir nehmen, USA, 21, verboten

  2. Anonymous1/10/2008

    Hey Taty,
    da sind ja die ersten Bilder von Miami. Super !
    So würde ich auch ganz gerne mal ins neue Jahr kommen. ;-)
    Für mich machst Du einen zufriedenen Eindruck, dann hat es Dir auch gefallen und es waren herrliche Tage. Schreib mir mal mehr in einer Mail davon.
    Ich würde mich freuen.