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That day was very nice and sunny...

Hello!Okay thats me at the Great American Weekend. Thats because of the Independence Day next week. SO we have here a lot of markets and festivals because of this very big date. So today i got up at 8 or something. Then i took a shower and after that i breakfasted a little fruit stuff (Mango and Strawberry) after that Rebecca and Madeline went to someone for drinking a coffee or something. But Paul and me went Mountainbiking (or me Rollerblading). It was very nice, but also very hard, because it is so hilly in here. It is not the same way of rollerblading in Ochtrup!!! SO it was very hard, that i had to take a short shower again. After that i breakfasted for a second time. Some Cottage Cheese (nearly fat free :) ) wuth some blueberries and maple sirup. It was really great. Nearly like in Germany! buti think that the blueberries are better then in germany. Okay after that rebecca and Madeline arrived again and we played a little with Mady. And after that we went with Amanda (very nice friend of rebecca and paul) to the Great American Weekend thing! There we met Jess, another friend of them. So then we jsut walked a bit around and drinked and eated something. I had one of those wonderful fruit thing, which you can see onto the picture. After 2 or 3 hours i think we drove back home. Then Paul and i started again to get a key for me and also a cell phone. But first thing, the key doesn't work at home (we don't know why, so we decided to change it) and second the cell phone also is not mine at the moment ,because there is some difficulty with the contract. whatever. We want to try that next week. So maybe then everything for me is ready. Yes, and after the whole worthless shopping and driving Paul made some dressings and i made the salade for our barbeque. It was really good! And the friends are so funny. but it is a kind of difficult to understand,because they got so many insiderwords for the army! But it was real fun. One story of Jess was, that she has a friend and he was in germany. And the only thing he was able to speak after his yourney was "Ich bin ein Kartoffelsalat!" I was very amused of this! But okay... Now i have to go to bed, so that i'm tomorrow not that tired for New York City! Okay if you are wondering why this is in English. Its just for my DAD! *kisses and hugs to him* Bye Taty


  1. Simply only proud! Increase does not occur to me to my child! I love it!

  2. *~nici*~7/01/2007

    hi taty !
    Also deine ersten Tage bei deiner family hören sich ja echt gut an und wie ich auf dem foto sehen hast du schon eines deiner neuen eroberungen an (Kleid von abercrombie *schick schick*:-)
    Die Gegend in der du wohnst sieht echt gut aus, allein schon weil die sonne da scheint *g* Ich war schon auf Madeleines page ist ja echt ein süßes foto von euch beiden!!
    Have fun *g*
    Hab dich lieb !!

  3. Anonymous7/02/2007

    Man macht ihr gerade einen Englischkurs.
    Bin wie immer Sprachfaul wo bleibt die Deutsche Fassung.
    Gruß Mama