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A brand I love: Rosairus

Rosairus - Handmade in Los Angeles II The story of the founder 
Today I would like to tell you more about a friend of a friend that I truly admire. Camilla Behrens is the owner, designer, marketing manager, sales person and so much more of the brand "Rosairus". But I'll let her tell you more about her ideas and passion!


My name is Camilla Behrens, I'm a designer, maker and entrepreneur. My grandfather is a painter, and my mother taught me to how to sew. As a baby I would sit in my little chair, and watch her sew. I founded Rosairus in 2010, I started out with making made-to-order dresses, and later on it turned in to small collections. But it wasn't until May 2013 that I opened my Etsy shop, after I graduated from UCLA.
Her background
I'm originally from Denmark, but I've been living in Los Angeles since 2008. I've definitely been on a creative journey ever since leaving Denmark.
After moving here, I took classes in print making and interior design, and I even went back to Denmark for a year to study technology and design. I ended up studying graphic design at UCLA, and I've never regret that decision! It's taught me a lot about design, branding, self promotion, and most importantly; the story I want to communicate with my products. Currently I work with fashion branding for a jeans company here in Los Angeles, and in my spare time I'm making new Rosairus products, updating the Etsy shop, doing photo shoots or working on other freelance projects.
What Rosairus meant to her 
Rosairus is very dear to me. I make new products whenever I feel inspired, I love the feeling that it's not forced. Making my own pieces is therapeutic to me. I love the whole process, from sourcing leather in Downtown LA or sketching new ideas for a textile, to cutting, sewing and making the canvas totes, leather jewelry and organic scarfs. The magic happens during the process! It's very rare that I sketch. It mostly comes through my hands from my head.
What is the story behind Rosairus? 
Rosairus is inspired by nature and geometry. I love trees and since I have a background in graphic design, a lot of my designs are very graphic, using a lot of geometric shapes. I use reclaimed leather, all shapes are hand cut, and the scarfs are made of 100% organic cotton, using only water based non-toxic dyes. It's important to me that Rosairus is as sustainable as possible.
The search for passion & the dedication to make your dreams come true 
I've been fortunate enough to meet a lot of amazing creative talented people here in Los Angeles, and we all encourage and support each other. It's a great place to be as an entrepreneur, because you're allowed to have big dreams here. No one judges you, and we try to help each other as much as possible. It's really important to find a great support system in LA, or else you'll quickly get lost. A lot of people with a lot of dreams. It crucial to figure out what you're really passionate about, and do everything you can to make it happen.
And there is more...
Rosairus Etsy shop opened in May, and this is only the beginning. A lot of exciting things are happening this fall, so remember to follow Rosairus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
Thank you Camilla for sharing your thoughts! I can't wait to see the future pieces of yours!
Where to find more info or those cute items?


  1. That's some interesting jewellery!
    I particularly like the headband :)

    Followed you on bloglovin :) Follow mine?

    1. Hi Anya! I will certainly follow you as well! If you are interested in contributing to the story "Dear Future I am ready" I would be happy to send you more information.

      And yes, I love my friends items! Here is her online store

      Cheers and we will stay in touch :)
      xx Taty

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Hena! I know! I love her work! Follow me on bloglovin to see more of her in the future. We will definitely tell you more about the design process soon (video). In the meantime feel free to shop at Camilla's shop

      xx Taty

  3. Hey,
    beautiful accessories!

    1. Hi Tabet!
      Du hast auch einen schönen Blog!
      Falls du Lust hast diese Accessories zu kaufen, klick doch mal auf den e-shop von Camilla

      xx Taty