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Dear Future I am Ready: Taty°

Education: Bachelor of Business Administraion (International Business and Management, Enschede, The Netherlands)
Nationality: German
Age: 25
Previous International Experience: Au Pair in Newburgh, Fun and partially spontaneous trip to India, education in the Netherlands, Boyfriend that is American but lived in Italy and Bavaria (in Bamberg we moved together for the first time. Add a French Bulldog and you got a cultural melting pot :) ) plus loads of trips to Sweden, England, Czech Republic, Italy, ...
Interest: Interior Design, Outdoor activities, running, tennis and amazingly witty marketing campaigns
Challenge: To keep doing what makes me happy and to find new challenges that make me better while working full time 

It is my turn… (I finally came around to finishing my article to the series "Dear Future I am Ready") 
Things happen for a reason. A sentence that could easily come from my grandma, however holds so much truth. When I look back to what I learned from the past and how coincidences shaped my live in such profound ways, it is hard to believe that it wasn't serendipity. I don't want to say that achieving what I want to reach comes always easy or that one can simply rely on their luck, but I believe that some paths are meant to be walked by us in order to make us happy. Fortunately, in every period of my life I have been so happy that I could jump up and down like my puppy Lotti (you should see her do it :) It's hilarious).

Little Taty... Childhood memories...
When I was little, we moved quite frequently as my parents wanted to live somewhere where I could run around until dawn, without having to be afraid something would happen to me. Consequently, I remember having to make new friends over and over again (and hating it!) but also the lovely time that I had playing outside without missing the TV or computer like most kids do today when not exposed to it for a couple of hours. Another trait I had early on, was the need to be creative. Once a month I changed my room (including moving all the furniture that I was able to move by myself) or re-decorated everything. Secondly, I loved to paint or draw or scribble. Things that I still enjoy doing A LOT. Looking back, moving so frequently made me a person that can adapt to new environments so quickly.

First steps in right direction...
When my graduation from Realschule was approaching, I remember being very confused. What should I become now? A photographer? Wedding planner? Dentist? Doctor? There are so many choices. How am I supposed to know what I want to do for the rest of my life at the age of 16? Well, in the end I decided against becoming a photographer and to continue my education on a "higher school" (Gymnasium, which enables you to study at a university). At the same time, I became sort of obsessed with America (seeded by the terror attacks of 9/11). I couldn't stop myself from learning more about the country and to find a way to go there myself! After graduation I made it happen and moved to Newburgh (New York) as an Au Pair. (which was the time I started this blog in order to show my friends at home how I would raise the little baby Madeline! :) ) I guess that is when the story began. Falling in love with an American doesn't make things easier, but certainly more fun. He likes to joke around and use the quote of his instructor "I am going to show you the world." Yes Mr., that is certainly true :) Nonetheless, I still tried to find out what would keep me as happy as I was...

Pride that nobody can take away from me!
... by studying "International Business and Management" in the Netherlands. The classes were small and project groups a lot of fun. Those 3,5 years of studying (I shortened the study time by half a year - nerd style deluxe, I know!) flew by so quickly and only on my graduation day I realized how proud I was of that. For the past 3,5 years I financed the studies myself, worked on the side, got good grades and even joined the Honors group, worked out on a daily basis, "raised" my puppy and to travel as much as possible to broaden my horizon. My interest for fashion, interior design and great business concepts never faded, but only got stronger. After traveling for three months in the USA and to treat myself for working so hard, I now found the perfect job which kind of combines all my talents: business strategy, fashion, marketing and to be an open minded person that can deal with any situation that will come up in a flexible manner. And I can't wait for my knowledge and my responsibilities to grow! I guess you could really say: Dear Future I am ready! At least for the coming year 2014! :)

Dreams to pursue...
Although I already learned so much in the past, I am dying to travel to more countries, learn more languages, paint different paintings, wear colorful (hopefully silly) outfits and to boogie on many dance floors! My dream of owning my own boutique in New York and to run it with a friend is still existing, although it is starting to be overlapped by so many more ideas I want to make happen! For the years to come, I will be anything but German and enjoy the moment and pursue one dream at a time.

Cheers to a happy 2014 and thank you past for treating me so well!

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  1. I love this about you post! -Hanna Lei

    1. Thank you Hanna! :) Good way to realize how many things happened in the past year :)