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wednesday night, already in dc!

After a pretty good and smooth ride to washington dc rebecca, madeline and i arrived at the NIH (the hospital where madelines tests had been). We had been

totally checked like at an airport with checking the car, us, luggage, id's ... Finally we checked into our hotel/hostel ;) It was not that clean and comfortable but at least we had a place to sleep and the rest of the building (like kitchen, livingroom area...) had been super nice!

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  1. Taty, I am so glad that you had an opportunity to visit Washington DC but I think you need to visit it several times to really love the area. There is so much to see and never enough time. I am sure had you been dressed warmer, you would have enjoyed it more and toured more parks and museums. Washington openned a new Native American Museum (American Indian) and on our last visit, it was just opening so we need to go back. We also love all the memorials, the red bus tour that includes churches, and the Library of Congress. Next time, I think you will like it more when Paul and Rebecca can show you the sights. I am glad everyone is back home and back into your routine. I asked Rebecca if you bought your North Face vest and she said yes. I am sure you will love all of your new outfits, your UGHS and vest. Ciao