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American Freedom Festival...

So the Concert started at 730pm in Constitutional Hall. This was a free concert (for cadets) so Lawrence got some tickets for us. And it was really great! It was a special show (live on TV) for Veterans Weekend, so they talked in the beginning a lot about the war so that i was a little quiet and thoughtfull, because i was thinking about Jess and that all those wars are just so stupid... I was angry that people have to die for that. Especially when the MC started to cry because he just got the information that his cousin died in iraq... Great beginning for a concert ;) But then the music started (i don't really know what the name of the first two bands had been, but it was country and definitely in a good way ;) ) Then after those 2 starting bands the main act "Martina McBride" got on stage and the whole crowd was freaking out. For lawrence and me that was very funny because we really didn't know her ;) But in the end i recognized some of her songs and it was a great time!!! After the concert we met our sleeping lovebirds Jasmin and ben to get dressed up to finally go to a club! But that was more a desaster in the end ;) Because we stayed in line (freezing!) for almost 2 hours to hear then that the club is full now and that they can't let more people in! Great! ANd that where the club looked so great and the music (which we got to hear when the door opened some time) was amazing too ... Anyways... after that jasmin, ben and lawrence got some food at mcdonalds(!!! at 1 in the morning!!!how bad?!) we drove to Ben's house in eldersburg. There we slept in the next day (i was so proud that i was able to sleep long > 11am!!!) got ready and headed out to DC again...

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