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Brunch at Beacon Bar... (again *lol*)

So how i already wrote... All of us went to this great brunching place "Beacon" again. (i've been there with rebecca, paul and madeline to meet eric and eric) And what should i say. It was great again ;) But i was sooo super stuffed in the end and all of us a little "chica" *lol* of this orange-champagne mix. After that (around 4pm again) we split up again. So Lawrence and i went to the space museum and to the turner exhibition and jasmin and ben also did some museums. Around 6 we met each other at the freer museum to head to New Jersey, where Ben dropped lawrence and me off. We stayed in an army base loging what was very cool *lol* IN the morning i got some breakfast and after that again ;) we catched our train to the city very "on time" ;) But it worked *jippie*

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