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Friday - work & Saturday - too many things here ;)

Hey everybody it is blooging time again ;)
On Friday was a kind of normal working day. Except that i was "working" at night so that the eric's and paul & Rebecca had been able to go out for dinner. THe cool thing was that Paul got home around 5.30 so that i had been able to go to the gym again (i already did that in the morning because i figured that i will work the whole day just without a "break") to go to my dancing class. The thing was when i got there the room was totally empty and i thought that i mixed something up with the time, but the instructor just hasn't been able to get there (because of the snow) so i did some running again but i haven't been that motivated ;) When i got home then Madeline was already sleeping and i just watched TV.

On Saturday then i went with Eric, Eric and Rebecca to the Outlets early in the morning! AND it was soooo great! Really i found so many things i had been always looking for: new Benetton shirts (just tops for wearing underneeth other things) in rose, pink, white and pink; a Juicy Couture "outfit" and underwear; a black hat (see picture); then a grey hat and a matching scarf (hat is pretty similar style like the black one); and finally new sportclothes!!! I finally found a pretty cool outfit (one 3/4 pant, a long one >both purple-aubergine coloured and the matching sweater to that AND then a black t-shirt for that too) So that was exciting! And the erics bought a lot of stuff too!!! And i am talking about really a lot!!! ;) (see madeline's homepage)
After that i went to West Point and Lawrence and i went to an ice Rink in Bearmountain Bridge. That was super nice, because they also had a kind of little carussel-house with all different kind of christmas stuff in there and also the whole mountain was decorated with a lot of lights and the jesus crib etc.!
Then we felt down some times *autsch* and a lot of fun time (most of the time because of other crashing people or just us crashing) we went to Dong Fong a chinese buffet right next to west point. It tasted pretty good, altought Lawrence told me that that place is the second dirtiest place in the hudson valley *g* Sometimes it probably has to be dirty *ijarg* to have the "special" taste.
And then after that we went to ANNIE the musical! And it was amazing! I loved the story and the music! Our seats had been amazing (first row) so we had been able to see the orchestra and the stage all the time ;) Super interesting.
After all we went to that one club i found online and they also had a lot of commercials on k104 (radio channel). It worked out really good. The music was good too, but it was kind of strange atmosphere, because i would say 90% had been boys and the rest of the girls had been almost like cheap bitchy girls with bottom in the air and head down :) Little weard. Lawrence had been pretty obtained about me getting lost or just grabbed by a guy( in a not so nice way) so that i had to stay always by his side (totally different then in germany, i would say, or?! *g*)
i didn't really thought that it was THAT bad, but whatever. It was a lot of fun! Finally i had been able to dance *juhu* that felt good!

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