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Rest of Christmas (eve) day ;)

The rest of the day was really cool. Once i got home i updated my blog a little and went for a little walk with grandpa john in the nice sun ;) then i went to the gym for running. (the thing was they already closed at 4 and i didn't know that before, so i was just running for an hour, but it was still great because i didn't took a break *yeah* i am really getting better *haha*) AFter that i went back home, took a shower and just relaxed a little since i haven't got so much sleep all days before. Around 630pm then we all had some snacks like crackers, cheese, wasabi peas,... After that we had been all ready for going to west point to go to church. It was a nice service with lightening candles (for everybody) and a super funny performance of a child choir ( it was funny because they hadn't been that good with singing *lol* it was cute though). Then we drove around west point to check out all those christmas houses with all fancy lights! Back home i wasn't that patient, because usually i get all my presents after church ;) So after a while forcing myself to have the "whole american christmas", my family allowed me to open one gift ;) It was the one from Lori. I got a nice black calvin klein T-shirt from her and a christams tree ornament. I loved it! Then we all went to bed. I dreamed a lot about all my gifts and what will be in there ;) AND i was awake at 6 in the morning ;) And rebecca too, so we prepared breakfast ( rebecca made a kind of breakfast quiche and i made for her some reibepfannkuchen) Around 8 everybody finally got home!!! So we started having breakfast. Everybody loved the Reibepfannkuchen. I was happy because it was my first time making them!


  1. Anonymous12/25/2007

    Danke für das Geschenk, ich wünsch dir frohe Weihnachten!


  2. Frohe Weihnachten mein Kind!!!!!