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Saturday with my dad...

So on Saturday (not this one *lol*, i am a little late with my blogging)
we did the following things:
- rockefeller christmas tree
- financial centre tour, what means:
- brooklyn bridge
- woolworth building
- trinity church
- ground zero
- wall street
- new york stock exchange
- wall street bull
- battery park (view of the statue of liberty)
- walking up: South street seaport (visited the body exhibition!!! GREAT)
- going underneath the brooklyn bridge towards chinatown
- then of course chinatown
- Food at Katz Delicatess, amazing atmosphere and wonderful pastrami sandwich
after all that heading back to the hotel getting ready for wintuk!
then limodrive!!! *jippie* to madison square garden and watching the cirque de soleil show with a little trouble... to much to write down (just one thing, the tickets had been also in my lost bag!!!)
That was it ;) +lol* and we had been done too ;) Great day though!!! Of course ;)


  1. So sind wir, immer Spass und wenn es sein muß packen wir den Stier an die Hörner! N.Y. eine Empfehlung

  2. Anonymous12/17/2007

    Ja, ja, so kennen und lieben wir euch!!! LG die Haverlands