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Hey everybody! Here in Newburgh, or in general New York State and north of that, is some serious snow going on! We had Snowstormwarnings and is really great outside!!! The only bad thing is that madeline and my meeting with santa today in west Point was postponed to next Tuesday. Big sad face :( But at least we will still see him, just not today!!! A nice thing is, that Paul and rebecca are already home, because of that snowwarning today. And it is really dangerous (or lets say no fun) to drive around. For us it was fun though because we watched people having trouble getting up our hill. Some of them got stucked or spinned a little ;) Really funny when you are sitting inside and knowing that you have a 4-wheeler car *g* AFter that Paul and i went out to put on more lights to the front part of the house. Now we have probably all together 4000 lights inside and outside ;) Looks great! I can't wait until tonight to take pictures!!! Now we are enjoying the winterwonderlandday. mAybe i will make some more cookies, we might watch a christmasmovie together and then i will make dinner tonight. Gypsie-Spears with rice and spicy sauce. I thought that sounds tasty ;) So i will keep you posted how everything came out! I am sooo excited! I love the snow. Maybe i can go snowboarding soon! *jippie* Kiss you! *knutsch* ;) bye bye *taty*

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