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Shopping in NYC

Today Nadine and i went shopping in new york. I have never really done that before so it was short but sooooooo much fun! We got up early and took the 750am train in, had some breakfast (see pic> i got a sunrise runner juice and nadine a juicy lucy *lol*) and then we started heading from one store to the other! I found a new pair of shoes *loooovvvvvve them* i will take a picture soon ;) then some jeans! (super great deal, that are hilfigher jeans for instead of 150$ for just 39$ and i love them *lol* of course) and a new pair of sunglasses from mango! Nadine also found a great shirt! It just looks amazing on her! I need to get a picture of that too ;) Oh yeah and then how you can see on the pictures we went to prada and the posters for my adored movie Sex and the city (get carried away *g*) are also getting more and more popular in the city! At 350pm we took the train back so i was right on time back at home for work! Hope all of you back home have a great weekend! Love you soooo much ;) oh and don't forget about valentines day ;) Let's say it the starbucks way: Pass the cheer ;) knutsch & smootch!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2/10/2008

    Send you a message !!!!

    Love You Toooooooo.

    Danke hab mich riesig über deine Karten gefreut. Sind also angekommen.Beide an einem Tag.

    Schön dich zu sehen -hören wäre aber noch schöner.....

    Meld dich bitte mal kurz ,wenn und wann es dir paast.

    Gruß und Kuss Mama