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Aupairmeeting & first time at Chilis

First i went with Anna, Anne and Franzi to our aupairmeeting in Middletown. It was a indoor minigolf place and everything was dark (except for a little neon light which made everything white shine bright and blueish) I met Hanna and Sebastian what was really nice! After all that, i went back to newburgh with all the aupairs from west point! We eat at Chilis in Newburgh, which just opened 3 weeks ago. I never been to a chilis before! But it is pretty much like all those other chains like applebees or TGI Fridays... Was fun though, because we were a pretty cool group :) (me from germany, then the other aupairs from austria, south africa, columbia and then one "west pointer" from america *yey* and it was his birthday too) So we had some food and a happy birthday song from the chilis crew! :)
Was cool! At night i just wrote some emails, finally started scrapbooking (i haaaaaaaaate it *lol* but i will probably be happy some day that i did all that) and finished my project for my business class! okay! that were the news!
Oh yeah and for all those people missing me back home *lol*: i will probably be home for a couple of days around July 10th. (when i got my official departure date i will let you know!) Bye bye ~taty~

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