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German Storytime @ Barnes & Nobles

Hey everybody!
First thanks to Lisa (i got your card), nici (i got your letter), flo (got your mail, and cool that you called *lol*) !
Today i had my own storytime at barnes and nobles. Was real fun. I was reading rapunzel and teaching the crowd some german words. So funny how those american people here pronounce all those words :) Especially the word "Prinzessin" and "schloss" were a little hard for them :) Then after all we made those cool hats! Karen and Isabella, Ann Marie and Gracie and of course madeline and rebecca were there too! And it were just many many people there today. The rest of the day was awesome, because it was unbelievable 75F and super sunny! Too bad that it will change this weekend, especially since i will be in Boston! (there it is even colder!) Will be fun though! OKay that are the news :) love ya! & bye bye *taty*

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