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North Carolina

Last Saturday Rebecca, madeline and me went to north carolina to finally see paul again and go to the Jewish Wedding of Pauls best friend. He was also the best man ;) So here is what we did :o)
OKay so how i said we flew in on saturday morning. Paul got us from the airport, we checked into the hotel and went to a restaurant in the mall area right next to the hotel. There i had a Doener! (of course veggie) Not as good as a german one, but it was real good too! After that rebecca, paul and madeline went back to the hotel so that they can all rest a little. Then i went with Karen (pauls sis), Becky(his mom) and Bob (her fiance) walking around those stores. I loved those trees! Everything was green and blooming! That was real nice ;) unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as usual in north carolina. (on friday is was 80fahrenheit and over the weekend it was rainy and just 45 fahrenheit!!! i felt so sorry for the couple! )After that little shopping trip i walked back to the hotel and went swimming in the pool. At night i was staying with madeline in the hotel and we were both pretty tired! ;)

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