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our evening :)

Blue Man Group !!! *yey*

Franzi presents our ticket *lol*

oh yeah and we got there by "T" (the subway) *uhuh* :)

Franzi and me all excited to see the show! (And it was amazing! i have never been to something like that! so hilarious and entertaining!!!)

Cheers, a very touristy bar/restaurant, food was good and we could watch the red sox vs. yankees game in the back (since we couldn't get tickets for that game)

me and some pasta with veggies and a delicious salad

franzi with a american style hamburger and some fries. I think it was real good too! I got that pickel from her.

quick stop at starbucks (so weird labels, or?! that little mermaid, never seen that before *lol*)

boston by night (or later that day)

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