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DC - I Hop and Inline skating !!! *loved it*

On Saturday morning we met Matt (Pauls brother) at I Hop for some breakfast. I hop is a Pancake place :) the thing is since i can't eat wheat products it was kind of weird not to get one of those cool looking pancake things. BUt i must say that i love my ceasar salad and how you can see on the picture it was a good size *lol* real good.

Then after that Rebecca, Paul and Madeline dropped me off at an subwaystation so that i was able to go back to that house we are staying at and i could get my inline skates, get changed and hit those great trails rebecca and paul told me about over and over again. That's what i did then and the weather was surprisingly amazing. Super warm and no rain as they were saying before. So i went all the way to Georgetown, grapped and iced tea and went back. It was just great! i really missed my inline skating. Now my inline skates are just really not good to use anymore. THe brake is totally used up and the same happened to my wheels. I think 2 years of extreme skating was enough. But it is kind of good, because now i will just leave them here in the us with a friend or just throw them away and that way i saved the space and the weight in my suitcase! *great* :)

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