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Last weekend Rebecca, Paul, Madeline and i went to Philly. Madeline had her MRI and all different kinds of check-ups for her surgery. So for them it was just a long day at the Childrens Hospital. After all Madeline was totally knocked out from her anaesthesia. During all that i explored Philly for a second time. SO i walked from our nice hotel (little out of central philly, on the west side) through the drexel university part of philadelphia to the liberty bell and all that stuff. AND i also went this time into the independence hall. Was nice to see that building from inside and to hear something about the history. Then around 1pm i think i met Julie (tony's girlfriend, i am not sure if you know who i am talking about and unfortunately i also don't have a picture this time, but she is on some football game pictures and also on those from 100th night) and we had lunch and went shopping for a little while. Was fun to meet somebody :) After all she needed to go to her parents house and i headed to the Hospital. There i was waiting outside in the sun, because Madeline was still in recovery. Then i got some Potbelly Milkshakes for rebecca and paul and once we were all back together be headed to Washington DC to see Rebeccas friend Amy and her family.

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