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25 years - A First Recap

25 years. What a milestone. I am happy with every decision I made even though it may have caused some difficulties at some point. In the business world it is vital to recapture the previous happenings in order to formulate reasonable, yet challenging objectives for the future. So, here we go: 

I mean, where to start? I learned how to open my eyes, to walk, to speak (two languages fluently, not to mention the diverse ways of indirect language), played the guitar and flute (also forgot how to do it again), graduated from elementary school (after moving three times), high school (arg* I need to get back to painting and making beautiful pieces of art) and college. I learned how to say no (still in process) and how to smile. I don't burn water anymore and I even know how to train hard enough to run a half-marathon... What's next?

I've been to India, the USA, most countries in Europe and even to Ochtrup :) It is a privilege to be able to travel to all those exciting places. Every trip and especially the longer stays in the USA after high-school, my studies in the Netherlands and being raised in Germany made me be the person I am today. Although my travel log is already well advanced, it is unbelievable how many lovely spots I haven't touched, which delicious food I haven't tried and who I haven't been able to meet yet. Sometimes it seems like there is simply not enough time in one life to experience everything you want to. If somebody knows how to make use of all my additional lives that I won playing Mario World in my teenage years, I will be happy to buy you lunch ;) 

Family, Friends & Lovers
As some of you know, I am adopted (well, not the way you think but still) and couldn't have had a more balanced childhood. It is a true gift to have found the "right dad" ;) that always knew how to support me, believed in me and consequently gave me the confidence that I needed for every chapter in my first quarter century. Danke Papi! 
Same applies to my mom. I am very proud of you that you had the guts to run away with a small infant like me back in the day. It was the best you could do for me (and yourself). Keep challenging my ideas. Even though I sometimes disagree, it is good to know to have a mother by my side that cares about my future as much as you do. Oh and don't worry too much about me ;) I'll be fine. You gave me love, knowledge and positive energy to live off for at least 250 more years! Küsschen!

As I don't have any siblings, it is very fortunate that I have friends who are as close to me as family. I am so glad that I have you in my life and can't wait to bring you all together at some point in my life to have the best celebration that has even been planned. 

Oh - and of course I can't forget my lover or to be precise my boyfriend :) I am very happy to have you in my life. No matter how difficult a distance relationship may seem at the moment, I am so happy to count on you as my personal dishwasher :p

Goals & Dreams
You probably all know what my next goal is: finding a demanding job or employer that will love my active, positive, ambitious personality (preferably in the US). BUT, I would probably call that a short-term goal. For the next 10 year I plan on learning how to be able to sit still every now and then, travel diverse places like China, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines (.....!!), I would like to maintain all my friendships and stay as optimistic, energetic and open-minded as today. 

I think I did alright in those first 25 years. First long-term goals are accomplished and I can't wait to reach and exceed the new goals that I set for myself. 

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