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In love...

Hello everyone!
As a lot of people keep asking me how I like my stay in the US so far, here a little update. My expectations were high and luckily they were exceeded. The family is heavenly and it will never get boring in this household as Emily and Charlotte always want to play with me. The food is very healthy, the house and neighborhood magnificent, the two golden retrievers - Sadie and Holly - make it a lot easier for me to stop missing Lotti. The sun is tickling my toes every morning and we will head to the pool later today. Do I need to say more? :)

Unfortunately I caught a little flu and am feeling somehow off, but I am sure that once I am used to the air conditioning I will be completely myself again. 

This week I'll be very busy with Emily and Charlotte as they both have a tight program and Evelyn is out of town. I am excited to get to know all the fun places close by and their friends. However, re-viving my American bank account, writing some applications, growing my professional network and joining the first Roteract Club meeting in Atlanta will be on my to-do list as well. 

As you may have expected, I am already in the swing of getting things done. I am very happy that I made the decision to come to Johns Creek and I couldn't be more fortunate than staying with this family. 

p.s. I also just treated myself to a little shopping spree this morning. In love with J.Crew, VS and all the other stores that I missed for the past 5 years. Wait until you see my birthday outfit :) 

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