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Countdown to Love

Picture: by Luca Gerda Laszlo
Finally! It isn't all frustrating anymore to go to those homepages that create a countdown for you, because there are only about 6 days 11 hours and 38 Minutes left until I see Lorenzo AND my puppy again! 

Naturally, there are so possible scenario's in my head how it is going to be to see both of them again (plus all those dreams I had about seeing my tiny family again), but I know from experience that it will be different no matter how many possibilities I make up. The human imagination will never get close to reality of you seeing your boyfriend again that you didn't see/smell/touch/laugh with/etc. for 9 months :) 

Glad to have him back home soon to eat watermelon, enjoy a glass of wine in a park close by, to go on long bike rides that have a lake as final destination (or a beer garden :) ) or the simple nights with a cheap movie and even cheaper chinese food! 

You got to love countdowns :)

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