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Inspiration #6

After all that traveling (and the travel ahead - more info will follow) we are just enjoying a slow weekend. Shopping on the local farmers market (sunflowers, fresh berries, goulash meat, eggs, fresh milk and so much more goodness for out tummies) is probably the nicest thing to do on a saturday morning. Watching people, stopping at the one or other shop and getting excited for all those tasty meals you will be able to make :) 

Tomorrow it will be time to go on our first "family bike ride" after Lawrence re-deployed!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous!
    Hope the family bike ride was fun ;)
    Suzanne from

  2. Thank you for the compliment! OH it certainly was! We ended up biking for about 4 hours and stopping at one of those local breweries!
    Food was so delicious. Combine it with all that exercise (we did P90X in the morning) and you have a sleepy couple
    falling into bed at 8pm (!!!) :)


  3. p.s. Suzanne! Whenever I try following your blog an error pops up! :(