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Dear Future I am Ready: Henriette

Henni - A girl that is ready for her next steps and some adventurous travel prior to starting her studies

Education: Currently in High School pursuing her A-level (Graduation in 2014°°)
Age: 17 Previous Experience on the job: Internship in surgery department, ability to make the most delicious pizza in Bamberg (or potentially the WORLD) :), diverse office jobs Dream Vacation: Travelling the world with a backpack, tent and my closest friends Challenge: To motivate myself and to become clear about what I want
Result: Made the decision to enjoy life a little after university to broaden my horizon prior to my studies. I am too eager to travel and to fall in love with another city like Paris :) However, I will certainly continue to figure out if medicine is really what I want to study.

My mind is spinning... 
For me, this summer is my "last summer" while being in school. You could say that it is sort of a "season of change". It feels like I am sitting in a time machine which is taking me with the speed of light to my next destination. Meanwhile I sit there looking at the world that is running without knowing how to influence any of it. There are so many questions about the future, uncertainties and dreams... Where am I going to be in five years? With whom? What will I be doing? Is it the thing I now think that I want to do or will it even surpass my imagination? Now I am hoping to be studying medicine in a city I wanted to be and not being different than I am now.

As I said I am hoping to get into a university in order to study medicine. I have to admit that the reason for this is Dr. House. I loved this series but it made me think whether working in a clinic is like that or not and as I expected, it was completely different. But I liked it, even more than the Dr. House imagination. So now I am craving for the possibility of learning how the human body works, how we can come back on our feet after being so weak. But not only the subject-specific skills seem to be interesting. 

The ethic problems which a medic is facing every day is difficult but worth thinking about. I just had a very interesting conversation with a doctor about the problem that fatally ill patient not have the chance of dying with dignity anymore. That made me think. I can’t understand why sometimes the medicine forces a patient to live without even knowing if his wish is dying in dignity or living for (mostly) more than one week with pain, supported by machines. Answering questions like these and knowing everything about the human body are the most important reasons why I wish to study medicine.
But like I said, I am HOPING of receiving the chance to study medicine and to contribute to solving these sort of problems. The tricky aspect in Germany is that the grades in high school influence if you get into this or that university - A criteria which is in my opinion very problematic. Even though my grades aren't bad, I think that more emphasize should be put on the personal characteristics of a future doctor. Nobody wants to be treated by a "professional robot" who knows only what makes the body of a patient feel better, but not the mind. Unfortunately not getting into a university isn’t the only fear I have. What happens if the picture I’ve painted is completely different to the reality? What should I do if this occurs? I have no answer to that.

Next steps... 
After my A-Level everything’s becomes different. The good thing about not getting directly into university is that I am going to have more time than I ever had. Even if a “Work and Travel” (which almost everyone around me is planning to do) experience seems to be attractive I want to be independent it’s going to be the first time I don’t have any duties. I want to be free and do something on my own!! I want to get to know Asia, maybe learning some Thai. I want to be spontaneous and I hope to get to know these cultures a bit more. As the saying says: collect memories not things! 

Now it sounds like I just want to get away from Europe which is definitely wrong. Right now I am planning a trip to Istanbul about which I am very excited. Turkey is so rich of cultural treasures I can’t wait to regard them all. The last thing I am hoping to do in this spare is visiting Paris for at least a month for improving my French. Paris was love a first sight. Our romance began on my 15th birthday which I celebrated there with my mother. Even though it was cold and foggy my heart was on flames. Never in my live I visited a city which was so beautiful and breathtaking. When I wandered through the “Marais” I felt enchanted. The hidden fountains, the incredibly beautiful small houses and the smile on the inhabitants’ faces was a rush of endorphins. Since than I visited my love affair every year. And every time I am there learn more things about it. Parc de Buttes-Chaumont is my hidden wonderland and Belleville my secret capital of Pâtisserie. 

About my future career wish...
The only thing I can do, is jumping out of this time machine, not letting the world running next to me and seizing the last year with my friends in school and the fantastic experiences I am going to make in my youth!!

°°° Thank you Henni! I hope to get a couple of postcards from your wild travel :) And that we eventually still get the chance to play some tennis every now and then :)

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