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Dear Future I am Ready: Leanne

Leanne - A woman with a goal and the will to reach it

Education: LLB cum laude University of Johannesburg.  Currently completing LLM Public International Law at the University of Johannesburg.
Nationality: South African
Age: 23
Previous International Experience: I’m blessed to have spent every university holiday I’ve had exploring different parts of the world. I’d have to say my favourite cities are Prague and Munich and I’m very excited to travel to Tanzania at the end of the year.
Challenge: The biggest challenge I’ve had is to manage my stress levels.
Result: I have just finished my last master’s exam and I will be submitting my thesis within the next two weeks. I will be doing my articles for the next two years and then I will go back to university to study my doctorate.
Hobbies: I love to cook, read, blog about fashion on my blog Arum Lilea and I also love to play the piano and go to the gym.
Working hard for a goal
While I was still at school I knew that all I wanted to do was join the United Nations. I’m quite a history nerd so I had an in-depth perspective into the organization and its origin. The route I chose in the hope of reaching this goal was by studying law. As soon as I left school I began my law degree.  I worked hard. Really hard. I studied on average 12 hours a day for four years. I cried. I had barely any sleep. In the end though, the reward was success. I received my law degree cum laude and I could relax.

Managing diverse needs and taking some time off...
To reward myself, I signed up for more studying. Crazy, I know, but I still saw my goal as working for the United Nations so I knew I needed to specialise in my favourite field, International law. This year I’ve allowed myself a little more breathing space and I’ve stopped pressurising myself to do well. I now go to gym every day, I bake and I have a great time cooking dinner.  I see my precious friends much more often. I appreciate the small things. I’ve promised myself that I would put myself under that much pressure again. Generally, I’m so happy and really enjoying life.
Harvesting the first fruits of my hard work...
I was approached by one of South Africa’s biggest law firms in my second year of studying and last year they offered me a position for articles. I jumped at the opportunity. I won’t be practicing international law here but I will gain an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. I’m not looking forward to working long hours again, but it must be done.
I have to keep pushing myself in order to reach my goal...
What about the future? After articles, I will be going back to do my Doctorate in International Law. I hope that my ultimate goal of working for the United Nations becomes a reality. In the meantime I would like nothing more to continue travelling the world. Next year I would love to visit South America as I haven’t been there yet. I also see myself blogging for a while to come J You can find my blog at
My creative outlet: The blog... 
Now that you know about my blog. You may wonder how I am capable to manage the stressful life as a dedicated student AND maintain a blog. I started my blog, Arum Lilea, as a creative outlet while I was studying.  At first I started reading lots of different fashion, food and travel blogs and then I decided that I'd love to try my own.  It was so much fun and it ensured that my life wasn't always so serious and focused on law.  I used my blog as a scrapbook for all things I love.  I've kept it going and it's something I love to do.  I write about new recipes I may have found, places that are great to drink wine, my various travels, books that I've read and, of course, my love for fashion!
South Africa - A magical place...
Last but not least, I want to tell you a little more about where I am born and raised. Life in South Africa isn't much different to life anywhere else. We have such a diverse culture, so many languages and so many different faces. I live in a leafy suburb in Johannesburg and I love it. We have the most beautiful nature reserves and game parks for "safaris" because we have amazing wildlife. If ever you travel to South Africa the two places that you NEED to visit are Cape Town and the Kruger National Park.  You could not wish for a better holiday! And obviously I feel like I can pursue my dreams here for now. 

Thank you so much to Taty for having me share my story on her precious blog today!


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  1. Thank you so much Taty!!!

  2. Thank you! It is a pleasure to post this about you. I am sure that you are an inspiration for many people out there!
    I hope to hear back from you when you are about to face your new challenge :)
    Hugs from Germany!