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House hunting

Today the first person looked at our apartment as we are moving out in November. It kind of stirred me up and made me realize that I will soon move out. Unfortunately. I love our apartment in Bamberg. We live right downtown, yet have the advantage to have a little inner yard (including a "lounge") which blocks all the noise of cars driving around. Our ceilings are 3m high and light is flowing through our huge (and I mean HUGE!) windows. A running path and some green areas (for a little walk with our dog Lotti) are only 2 Minutes away. This place is perfect! 

Funny thing is that I was so afraid to move together with my boyfriend when he first asked me (I didn't admit it though :)). We were dating for 4 years at that point and had a distance relationship for 2,5 years when he told me that he could move to Bamberg (Germany) or Ghent (Belgium). I was getting ready for my "study abroad" period, so my friends convinced me to give it a try and to finally find out if he is also "the one" to live with. 

2 years later I am still in Bamberg (the classes offered were a lot more interesting to me than some IT and history lessons in Ghent) and I completely fell in love with the city. Even more so with my boyfriend :) Of course it isn't always gloomy to live together, but I can certainly say that we have to much fun everyday that I wouldn't want to miss a bit of it. 

It will be a real change for us to live apart again although we have been separated the "hard core way" during his two deployments or with me studying in the Netherlands and him working in Italy. Therefore, we are now going back to enjoying our lovely apartment, time in sunny Bamberg and of course our time together!

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