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Cozy Comfort Zone...

So true... In the process of writing an article for the "Dear Future I am Ready" story a friend of mine found this video. I can totally relate to the main message. Being a fan of continuously throwing myself into situations that challenge and nurture me the next steps towards the future are in the making. (uhhh* Do you dare to dream? Yes, yes I do!)

To bring this to a more literal example: I am so proud that I can already find my way around Düsseldorf more and more. I often catch myself trying a new route on the way to work, hoping that this will be my future shortcut. Not having to use your phone to navigate you back home (*Yes! I am one of those people that secretly plug in their headphones and let Siri tell me where I have to make the next turn! Genius! So I can fake to know my way around AND broaden my comfort zone ;) ) Haha, well, I am starting to use my phone for calling friends rather than navigation :)

Cheers to the joy of getting to know a new city, person, job, food and so much more! 
Good night*

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