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2013 - A year in retro perspective!

2013 is/was a year I would like to "order" for 2014 again! 
It started with fireworks and ski lanterns on top of a hill in Bamberg with beloved friends, continued with finishing my first half marathon in May and will end in Düsseldorf in my new apartment with a new roommate and a new job! 

Other highlights (I can seriously only call them that) were my graduation in March, my first quarter century (25th Birthday) and an amazing time in the USA incl. a once in a lifetime road trip with my sweet friend Myh, seeing dolphins swim in the open ocean in Florida and lots of "different culture" in the southern belt of the USA!  

Little did I know that when I sent the application to Passionata about 2 weeks before returning to Germany that I would receive the chance to join them and to work in the most communicative and open  workplace I could possibly ask for! Having to leave Bavaria and my boyfriend behind wasn't the easiest choice, but after finding a cozy apartment in the German fashion capital Düsseldorf it was easy to forget about the heartache! 

Besides traveling to the USA, it was nice to finally get to doing a mother-daughter trip to the German lake "Bodensee", to see the very romantic city Prague and also the modern and fashionable city London with my lover and best friend in one person :) 

We will see what 2014 has to offer! But I certainly can't wait to reach for new goals and to be surprised where I will end up next year around this time! 

xx Taty* 

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