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Spending the holidays in a distance relationship

Happy Holidays without the boyfriend? Of course it isn't the same without Lawrence in Germany (rather a couple of time zones away!) but I have to say that thanks to social media, Watsapp, Skype and FaceTime I feel like we are somehow spending time together. 

After being together for 6,5 years now and spending most of that time in a distance relationship, I would say that we are already "professionals" in this metier. No matter if we were only 7 hours by car apart or had to deal with the hard core conditions of having Lawrence deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan we somehow made it work. Including "hick-ups" and difficult times where I didn't want to have a boyfriend that I couldn't kiss good night. 

Well, that being said I seriously don't want to make it seem super easy to be in a distance relationship, BUT it is definitely nice to know that I have a second home in Palm Beach (Florida) now. (Seriously not a bad place to call home :) ) The only annoying part is that all your friends, family and even colleagues keep giving you "the look" asking you "How is this working?", "What are your plans?" etc. That's what makes you wonder: What is coming next? Are we going to live like this forever? 

Simple as that: I hope not. It is okay for a couple of years, however at some point you don't want to be in a relationship with your smartphone anymore and set up Skype dates that interrupt normal life or to write messages while others are talking to another. We'll see what is going to happen over the next years. But for now, I am very happy with my job, apartment and friends in Düsseldorf. And to have a boyfriend in America is "nice to have". Who else can fly to Miami and Palm Beach on a regular basis? 

Cheers to all the couples in a distance relationship out there!

Hello there. New hair style? Outfit? We can even go shopping together without actually being together :)
Christmas hair-do! 

Cooking. Wish you were there :) 

New watch! And an even prouder owner! New Coach watch for him! Similar one here! I was really surprised to see him get this one, as he planned on getting an all gold one

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