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Resolution Mania: Let's set new goals 2014


OK! I will do it! As usual and totally mainstream. Here is the new year and we somehow use it for setting new goals, to meet people in reality, to pick up the phone rather to send ten thousand watsapp messages, to work out more, or to change your eating habits. BLAH BLAH BLAH! Such a stereo type, but WAIT somehow effective. At least it works for me. As far as I remember, I wanted to run more and to try starting to like jogging AND tadaa** although there are still a lot of days that I hate to go for a run, there are the many runs that I can truly enjoy now! 

SO, here we go. My ultimate bucket list for the new and fresh (well, sort of) year 2014: 

I want to continue to run, BUT I would like to go on more public runs as they really seem to motivate me and are a hell a lot of fun. It would be nice to finally reach the pace of 5 minutes per km or even below that in races. (this will also force me to splurge in buying new/better/cooler workout clothes :) Perfect** :) )

Secondly! I would like to become more of a vegan person :) Although I still LOVE  honey and a nice steak every now and then, I would really like to try new recipes and to embrace the vegan lifestyle :) Ok. At least for one month this resolution should be possible, or? 
Last but not least, I really want to try to use my phone less. I always laughed at people using their smart phone ALL THE TIME! And yes, now i somehow am converting into one of those persons! I certainly find my excuses like "OH but my boyfriend lives in the US or most of my friends don't live in Düsseldorf" but I want to actively try to find new people here and to focus on them when they are in town. No more iPhone on the table. No more phones in allowed for dinner or a coffee date. This will be the challenge I take most seriously, as I would like to see the world around me again and not only through the eyes of my camera on the phone! 

Cheerio to a happy, healthy (although I am sick at the moment! Arg* What a start into the year :) I'll just get it over with right now!) and social year 2014!

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