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Düsseldorf Helau! Happy Carnival 2014!

We danced, we sang lots of German songs, enjoyed the sun, had a tiny little bit of prosecco and simply had the best possible Carnival or "Karneval" that you could possibly imagine. So HELAU to my very first Carnival the "Rhine way" :) Here a few impressions of the "Kö Treiben 2014" which happened sunday. You simply show up on the "Kö" (which is short for Königsallee and is the high fashion street in Düsseldorf) dressed up in your costume and have a good time!

This year's motto was "Düsseldorf mäkt sech fein." (Düsseldorf gets dressed up).

Our boys in the group did a great job building our very special wagon for the Kö Treiben. Luckily I didn't drink any alcohol prior to going there so I was able to do the fun job and ride the cart! Meanwhile, the girls in the back sold random pedestrians some sausages! 


And if you think parents and kids aren't present during carnival! WRONG! This little frog had his mom's phone number on his arm in case he gets lost. I don't think this would even happen in New Orleans for Mardi Gras! 


To end this glorious day we drove home along the Rhine! Ready to celebrate a little more at a friends place. 

America is having a little too much fun :) 

Thank you Düsseldorf for such an amazing day!

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  1. Das sieht ja mal richtig nach Spaß aus!

    Liebste Grüße