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Wonderfull day with Madeline...AND my first time at the gym

Madeline in the morning, pretty happy and funny ;)
Then at the waterfront, also full of energy ;)

But then, it was just too much for my little girl. She was a really great baby today and we had so much fun with bathingtime (singing out loud to our favourite music) and especially at the waterfront, because the sun was soooo amazingly nice today!
So now more details of my day with madeline AND of course then later also from my great dancing class at the gym! Madeline was surprisingly early awake (not pretty early >6:55am, but i think for her long day yesterday that's early) but i had been also awake so everything worked out perfectly ;) Paul had already left the house some time around 5 i think, so there had been just the two of us in the house. In general it was a really normal morning with medicin, break, breakfast, reading, playing... But then i also reorganized Madeline's closet again, because there was a big mess of all the delivered diapers ;) While i did that madline was staring at herself in the mirrow, sitting and talking to me with lots of "blablablabla"'s. Very funny, but i really want to hear a "tatatatata" soon :) But she is not listening to me ;) Yeah then she was done and i put her to bed. Then i was ready for my Yoga in the Basement. After that she was awake again and just a few minutes also Nancy (therapist) arrived. It was okay. Then after that Madeline was almost again ready for a nap. During that time my dad called and we talked a lot ;) After that nap, i decided to go with madeline to the waterfront, just because the weather was today sooooo great and there is no other place where you can sit as nice outside as at the waterfront. We had a pretty good time and Madeline was intrested in all the arriving boats, people and Seagulls. Back home i started playing with her and then her second therapist (virgina) arrived. She was also very good with her, but Madeline cried for the first time of her day ;) Virgina was not very proud about that! After all that busy programm and all the Impressions i gaved the little stinker a bath and a massage. I think she enjoyed it. End then finally after my almost 12hours day Paul arrived. I enjoyed the time with her! But know *switch* ;)
After my "Home-Basis" Day i went back to the gym, but this time for making my first workout! I was soooooo happy, because there was my "Body Jam" (so dancing class) today. Although i missed the first 20 minutes it was so great! Know i know what i missed ;) The good thing about that was, that i knowed all the dances already, because they are repeating right know some old choreographies! I loved it! After that i went to the "cinema- room" and made some workout while watching a movie. The movie was not very good, but in a way cute ;) So probably i will go there tomorrow again *happyface* +*freU* +*jump* How i sayed: I LOVE IT!!!!!
Okay. I say hi to rebecca and her mum ;) Hopefully you enjoyed the english post! I'm looking forward to see you tomorrow /next week!!! Take care! Okay ich hoffe auch in deutschland gehts allen gut. Mir gehts wie ihr seht immer noch super, mega, hypa,.... gut ;) Danke für eure vielen Mails und Briefe und Karten und Pakete. Ich freu mich echt jedes Mal wie zu Weihnachten, Geburtstag und Ostern zusammen, wenn ich irgendwas von euch höre! Danke danke danke ;) Love you!!! Bye bye *taty*


  1. Anonymous9/12/2007

    Thanks for the wonderful update. I was starting to worry since I didn't see any new posts on Madeline's website. Glad that you two had such a great day together. I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow night. I'm sure you are also excited about a break!! Have a good Thursday.
    Rebecca and Grandma too.

  2. very beautiful fabulous people!

  3. The words are sometimes missing me.
    As many heat and relax broadcast you.