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Cementery... and some new friends ;)

Hey ! Here are the pictures from the cementery. I will also try to blog the video of the guard change, but last night it hasn't worked ;) Oh, and then the girls you can see on the last picture

are from brasil(2), spain and italy (left to rigth). I just talked to them in the metro, because i recognized their accent and thought that they might be also aupairs, but they are not ;) The two girls left are going to university in dc, the girl in the middle was just there for 2 or 3 weeks as a kind of vacation. And the girl on the right is in dc for 3 months, as a kind of break after high school. I have all their numbers and since i am in dc soon again, i will try to get a hold of them! Okay have a wonderful day! *kiss

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