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Costume Contest & and a lovely day with my butterfly!

Today was a long day, but honestly i really enjoyed it ;O) It is always so nice to spend the whole day with madeline and bring her to bed etc. Then she is always like my baby *g* and especially when you have such a happy baby it is just fun! So today was the big day with the Barnes & Nobles Costume COntest and we both had been so super cute... BUt unfortunately we haven't won the big price. We still had fun though, because today they read 3 stories (instead of just 1 or 2) and after that there was a big parade with some trick or treat stops where we got some stickers and some spooky bookmarks ;) Very nice, because since now i always snaped the pages *g* After that i got a tea for breakfast... from starbucks of course. But i couldn't enjoy it at barnes and nobles so long, because nancy was about to arrive at our house, so we went back home. And there was a big chaos going on!!! The "scrubwomans" *lol* had been there and everytime i was somewhere they wanted me to leave the room, because they wanted to clean it... anyways nancy had a good session (@rebecca&paul : she is drinking out of the sippy cup again!)with madeline and i was carving the pumpkin while that ;) (or i started doing it) Then after nancy left i tried to make madeline grabbing into the pumpkin, but it was just not possible, so i put her to bed for her "big" nap. She was not sleeping that long, but long enought so that i was able to get the laundry started ;) Then Melissa arrived for the next session. This one was good too, of course ;) And after all the therapystuff was done, we went immedialty to barnes & nobles again ;) for trying to win the second one... without success.. :( But it was fun again!!! Back home madeline and i decorated our door halloween like...!!! THen, medizin, bath, food, singing time, bottle.... AND after some cuddle time, madeline felt asleep in the uncomplicated way we are used to ;) Isn't she cute while sleeping ?! ;) Okay i will go to west point now... BOWLING!!! love ya all! bye bye *taty*


  1. Das um diese Jahreszeit noch so schöne Schmetterlinge fliegen und vor allem mit Nachwuchs, setzt mich doch in Erstaunen! :-)
    Schöne Fotos!

  2. Taty, you did such a good job with Madeline in trying to win the prize at Barnes and Noble. You both look wonderful. I loved your fairy wings. Better luck next year. Your days are very busy with Madeline and the therapists and now Madeline is looking very happy these days. I am sure she is getting much stronger. The sippy cup is working again so that is good. Nancy and Melissa are doing well with Madeline. I also liked your adventures in New Jersey. I am sorry your knight did not win but that you cheered him on. All the cadets and you made a lot of noise. Keep up the good work.