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Today was really one of our best days we had! And that was not just because we didn't had anybody coming today ;) So the day started with lots of plans, like fingerpainting, inviting our friend anna over, trying some good new food, going for a walk, dancing, trying the butterfly costum for our

big halloween costum contest at barnes and nobles and, and, and...

Okay, what should i say?! We did everything and had soooooo much fun with just enjoying the wonderful day! Firstable we had a regular start of the day, with some workout time, food and a short nap. After that we played with the beans and had some food again... (madeline was mashing it between her little fingers :) ) then anna arrived!!! It was really perfect timing. I had already prepared the floor of the dinningroom for some fun painting time while madeline was sleeping, so we had been ready to go!!! And honestly i was happy to have anna by my side, because the whole paintingthing was of course so much fun, but also a big big big huge ;) mess !!! And it was good to have 4 hands ;) two for handling madeline and two for taking pictures ;) How you can see on those pictures we had a good time and madeline was super happy AND definitely ready for her bathtime *lol* (anna and me to *g*) Then our little artist took her second nap. While that anna and i enjoyed some coffee, checked out all those cute pictures and also checked some college courses for anna. Around 1.30 madeline was awake again, anna ready to go... so i got dressed up, we sayed bye bye to anna and went out for a long long walk! The sun was shining ;) so wonderful time!!! We got back around 3, played a little and then it was food time again ;) Then dad already got back home and we had some silly, fun with him and trying on all different kind of costumes... (butterfly and witch) So we are well prepared for winning the contest tomorrow!!! (maybe twice, because we will go there at 10am and at 4pm!!!) Hopefully we will win some coupons, so that we can buy great books for the little butterfly *lol* More of that,.... tomorrow !!! love ya! kiss! *Taty*

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  1. hey taty das sieht lustig aus was ihr heute gemacht habt. Wir sitzen gerade in Lauffen am Neckar (BW) gemütlich auf dem Sofa. Philip und ich sind heute runter gefahren und besuchen Andrea und Christian übers Wochenende. Ein schönes Wochenende wünsch ich dir noch. Hab dich lieb Pia