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Friday... White House, museums, Georgetown, Dinner ...!

Hey! on Friday i was super early in the city. too early, because all the museums hadn't been opened at that point. So i got my STARBUCKS coffee ;) *jippie* (i finally found a starbucks, since the day was kind of starbucksless)

then i have been to chinatown (see pic) and just walked around, while i was figuring out to which museums i wanted to go. My choice for the day was: Air and Space Museum, Museum of natural history, spy museum, smithsonian institution Buildiung and after that i really had enough of going to museums!!! So i went to the capitol building (black and white, pic) and enjoyed the wonderful sunny day(still a little breeze but great!) while sitting on a bench at the mall and do some "people watching" *lol* there haven't been so many of them :) After all, i walked to georgetown, because rebecca told me that i might like it - an i loved it!!! so many nice little stores and restaurants and the wonderful view. Just super nice. It reminds me a little to the new york soHo! Probably thats why i had to love it ;) SO i had some good time while christmas shopping (it is crazy to start it already, but i have just seen so perfect things for some of my friends) and around 6.30 i think i went back to Friendship Heights to meet Rebecca, Paul, Madeline and their friends for having dinner! The Food was great but really to much for all of us ;) We already ordered just the half of the normal portion and i haven't even finished a quarter of it although it was super delicious ;) We had some good laughts and just a great time! After that we got some cheesecake from the cheesecake factory but just for to go, because nobody was in the mood for eating something. And i was just scared of those huge cakes ;) but i liked the location and the fact that you can get in that restaurant almost everything you want to eat ;) So one day i will visit a cheesecake factory restaurant again, without haveing food before ;) OH DADDY THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!!! Now i can start taking pictures of everything! ;) bye bye *taty*

1 comment:

  1. hey warum waren Rebecca und Paul eigentlich in DC? was haben die da den ganzen tag gemacht?
    Bussi Pia
    PS: ich hab auch schon dein weihnachtsgeschenk ;-)