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party after all... ;)

After the champion of the fight was found, there we checked the museum of punishment

with alll those bad tools for punishing or turturing "witches" ... That was really loathsome when you see what crazy things peolpe did in those medieval times... i can tell you it was not nice to be not "normal"!!! All the more better that that is long long time ago and that those turtures are not that in common anymore! So Tony, Lawrence and i went to the little dancingarea and rocked a little ;) It was a good time too because we had been totally surrounded by little kids and we danced all those kiddy-dances like "magic slide" ;) After that we headed to west point again. (Also without getting lost! we had been sooooooo proud *g*)


  1. ~*nici*~10/30/2007

    Hi Taty
    WOW, mooi krönchen:-)
    Wollt nur eben bescheid sagen, dass ich heut das geld für die klamotten überwiesen habe*g* ach ja und meine Jacke ist heut angekommen und juhu sie passt*freu* Fotos demnächst:-D Werd auf jedenfall bescheid sagen wenn dein Paket da ist, hoff ja mal das es vl. noch diese woche kommt.
    Wünsch dir HAPPY HALLOWEEN
    Hab dich lieb !

  2. Oh cool" Freu mich schon riesig auf die bildchen! UNd schön das du jetzt ne jacke gefunden hast ;) *lol*