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Medieval Times in New Jersey !!!

Yesterday me and lawrence went to new jersey (WITHOUT GETTING LOST*g*) for watching with a whole bunch of cadets( all in all 60) a knightfight, compareable to the show in bad bentheim ;) Just inside and with served dinner. BUt before that we had so much time (a 4 hour puffer in case we are getting lost) that we went to a sushi bar and after that walked around a little townstreet and a park in new jersey (name of the town was Lyndhurst, i think *g*) until finally the entrance for the show was open. It was so great that we had been there with all those cadets (because i am getting really better with remembering all the names and getting to know them*lol*) especially because we had been all in the same "team". (that means all with a blue crown, and cheering for the blue knight). And you can imagine how loud cadets can be :) The great thing about that again was, that we had been the only crowd standing up and cheering, clapping and screaming for the knight. But altough we did our best our knight was not the winner :( Therefore the show was amazing, with a falcon, some horsetricks and then in the maintime the fight between those knights. OH, and now to the food... That was our menu: 1) Garlic bread + Tomatoe soup, 2) Roasted chicken + Spare Rib + Herb Basted Potato and for dessert a "pastry of the Castle" (apple pie) and all that without cutlery!!! It was so good ;) *jammi*

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