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Cool day with madeline!

So now back to my english blogging ;) Today was a pretty fun day with madeline. We already did the whole laundry, so that we have tomorrow more time for fun stuff ;) Like STORYTIME (i have to check if there is one this friday) That would be great. But then the news of today had been: anna visited us again and we went for a little walk, we organized her closet, she was really good while playing with her new" box toy center" (especially because she was standing almost the whole time!!!), then i changed my sheets and madeline loved it how i banged the pillow against my head (she video!!!), then on the other video you can watch our little future mozart playing something for me *lol* After all, i gaved her a bath and we cuddle a little and just relaxed until mum and dad got home ;)
then i went to the gym, for trying the pool ;) it was okay for working out, but it is very chlorinated and i think it is just in general not the "freshest" water... but i had a good time! So know i have to socialize a little while watching "House" with my Almost parents ;) okay bye bye *taty* (oh i don't think that i will blog something tomorrow because i will go to mhy's house and will stay there over night!!! *jippie* will be so much fun!!!)