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SO much fun at Myh's house!!!

HEy my Buddies! I am lazy again! *lol* but i had an enchanted weekend! Really just great to do some stuff with myh! Be rented a movie (in the land of woman, not what we expected but still good for a girly girl night), bought chai latte (delicious!!!) popcorn, sour skittlers and of course pineapple. Then we slept both on the floor and had a nice and relaxing morning! We planed our next "meeting" what was really not that easy since we are so busy with daddy visits. (her dad is arriving on the day after my dad is leaving...) and decided to celebrate this swedish christmas ceremony thing called st. Lucia. I told paul and rebecca and paul is already excited. Then we also found out where i can go to ikea *jippie* Then the rest of the day we went shopping (especially for me: CHAI TEA LATTE and CANDLES to make my room nice and comfy *lol* ) and also for a walk. That was pretty funny, because when her hostmum saw us walking around, she asked us if we need a ride to some place... She thought that we are crazy... Walking, what is that?! *lol* But since it was FRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEzing cold, the stroll was also short. But we still had so much fun with taking pictures *haha* i love it! Just a great time. And in the evening i went back home (or better already at 4 ) because i needed to work. That was fun too, because madeline was in a pretty good mood and it was good to see her. After i put her too bed (a little later, 7.30pm, because of our timechange tomorrow) i decorated my room with all those nice candles and some old pictures. And i love it! Especially because my candles smell so great! Okay thats it! Have a wonderful weekend! *kiss*

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  1. Taty, glad you had a great visit with you swedish friend. Sorry but I was unable to look at your video of 01 Nov. and none of your old blog is visible where I can make comments. Good to have you back home, Madeline missed you.