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A few nicew hours in the city...

IN the city *good to be back* ;) we needed to store our suitcases somewhere, so we went to the Hyatt hotel again and just tried to drop our stuff off without having a room. That was not working, so we found a roomnumber and i went back with a nice smile on my lips ;) I told the guy that we have room number 3401 and everything worked out perfectly *lol* No unwieldy luggage anymore... THen i took some pictures for my photography class. Topic "people" So which place is better than the city?! and i think that i really got some good shots! W'll see ;) So we walked around. Went to the rockefeller ice rink (just for watching those people cruising and falling *lol*) to see the christmas tree and of course those funny people ice skating. ONe older woman was really hilarious! She thought that she is Ice princess in person, but the thing was: she definitely wasn't ;) So everybody was watching her and we all laughed a lot ;) After that we went to St.Patrics Cathedral and lightened a candle and admired that amazing building! After all, lawrence got hungry so went to our favourite place Tao again. And it was great again! The atmosphere is just overwhelmingly nice and the food delicious! On our slow walk back we stopped by some stores... and then we got our suitcases back and went back home... Where my bad surprise waited... Madeline in hospital. Fortunately she is know better again and we can celebrate her very first birthday tomorrow!!!

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