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Madeline's Birthdayparty!!!

And then on Sunday, the day had come... Madeline's official Birthdayparty was ready to go ;) but first of all i went swimming in the morning (while rebecca, ann and madeline had swimming class). When we got back home the cadets Renee(girl, dark long hair), Mike (pic with bunny cake)and Jeff (pic with other baby>isabella) already arrived and had been busy with making the bunny cake for madeline. I also made some first christmas cookies, since i had been in the mood ;) And then we played some Yahtzi (Kniffel) all together. Around 2pm the party really started and lots of people arrived. THe house was totally crowded, no place to go without running into another one :) But it was a good day... Maybe a little bit to sweet food for to begin with, but i will be fine! Especially since i now realize that my dad will be here tomorrow ;) Then i just have to be good *lol* Okay...bye bye *taty*


  1. Hey ist Frank und angekommen?? Werden bestimmt total tolle zwei wochen bei euch. Lieben Gruß Pia

  2. Anonymous11/22/2007

    Hallo Taty,
    ich bin schon gespannt, wenn die ersten Bilder von Deinen Dad und Dir hier zu sehen sind. Das Du jetzt keine Zeit hast ist mir klar. Genießt beide die Zeit, ich denk an Euch.