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Day alone in the city, waiting for my dad...

Hey guys!
So after i got the call that my dad is not coming i figured that i don't want to "waste" my day with just staying at home, so i went to city all by my self. Went shopping and finally walked around chelsey and again the macy's area just to see all those great christmas windows ;) (pictures) then some time during the day i checked with my cellphone our voice mail at home, just to make sure that there are no new news about my dad. AND there had been a new news about him! Siggi (my aunt) just left a message that he will still arrive that day but later,... the thing was that i wasn't really sure if he still knowed that we could meet us at the hotel or just everything was soooooo super confusing. But in the end my day was great, i waited some time for my dad and then finally we met each other - at the same place and it was just cool to see him...

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