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Shopping friday night!

So know i will post a little shorter again ;) THen you don't have to read so much and i am also faster with blogging ;) because it is really hard to write everything down my dad and i had done that friday night! Lots of programm again!
So first of all we went shopping! ANd probably the most funniest thing was the situation in the shoestore! I saw pretty nice boots and tried to put them on. BUt that was not that easy ;) so i asked one of those selling persons to bring me an shoe thing ;) (see picture, i don't know the name of it ) and this thing was so unbelievable small ;) hilarious!!! I think it would have been even hard to use it for kids and normal shoes ;) But the guy was pretty cool and posed for a picture ;)
After that we did the following things:
- walking around rockefeller centre
- dining at an very good italian restaurant on columbus street ( i had grilled vegetables!!! i never had such great veggies!!! and daddy had some pasta with shrimp, then we also shared and scallop, shrimp, fish salad; everything just great and the best about that was that we had a nice view onto the street!)
- empire state building (we went on top of it and the view was just amazing, at night you can really see all those thousands of thousands of lights, BUT IT WAS FREEEEEEEEEZING ;) and we had a short conversation with the security guy, because my dad had his knife with him!!! unbelieveable that he didn't had any problems with it while coming to the US and then they "catch" him in the empire state building. But after a nice little talk about where we are from etc. it was not a big deal!)
- heading back to our hotel with view onto the empire state building again!!! Just amazing!
And we slept soooooooooooo good ;)

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