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*tadaaaaaa* Sushi Night!!!

Yesterday was my day off and we finally went to our favourite sushi place "red Ginger" ! What a great day ;) In the morning i went to the gym for my yoga class, cardio and swimming. Pretty good! After a short "fresh up" to get away from my clorine smell i went to west point to get ben's car and meet lawrence. We checked out the world wide web for some good things to do in washington dc this weekend. Because i really don't just want to do all that sight seeing again, since i had a lot of that last time ;) AND then i went back home (or almost) to Red Ginger where rebecca, madeline, amanda and 3 other new people already waited for me and paul ;) Paul arrived 5 minutes later and the sushi night was ready to start! We had a good time!!! And the salad, broccoli and finally also the sushi (of course) was great!
Today Madeline and i have a busy day! Barnes & Nobles, Doctors appointment with some shots (so no fun!) and then in the evening i will go to west point again for another football game! Tomorrow then we (lawrence, ben, jasmin and i ) will leave early for Washinton dc... So more news of that probably on tuesday! HAve a great weekend everybody! *kiss* bye bye *taty*

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  1. Anonymous11/11/2007

    Hallo mein Schatz,
    ich will das auch essen.