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unusual Tuesday...

Hello everybody!
Today was a pretty relaxing day for me and in a way i also needed it, because i am teething and my head feels like a bomb ;) So it was great that madeline had a doctors appointment today. So i worked from the morning until 12 and then rebecca went with her to the doctor. Usually i also wanted to go, because it is always so interessting for me but i was just not feeling like it. When madeline was gone i naped the whole time (12-3) and after that paul, madeline and i had some lunch together. For madeline her sippy cup and for us spaghetti bolognese. Very tasty! Then i went out with the little princess for our little walk. It was great! The air is so nice and crisp! Now i head out for my photographyclass and before that i will return my sportshoes, because i just don't like them anymore. I send kisses to everyone! bye bye *taty*


  1. ~*nici*~11/07/2007

    Hi Taty !
    Mein Tag war heut wirklich anstregend hatte heut Prüfung und der lehrer wusste nicht, dass wir deutschen mehr zeit für die prüfung haben und dann hat er mir einfach meine zettel weggenommen, boah ich war soooooooo sauer und dann bin ich ne halbe stunde durch die FH geirrt bis ich den richtigen gefunden habe, der mir bei dem problem helfen konnte, man war das chaotisch durften dann aber im nachhinein doch noch länger schreiben.Aber dein paket ist heut angekommen und das hat mich soooooo happy gemacht und die sachen sind supiiii und passen auch beide und die jacke ist soooooo schön warm *strahhhllll* nochmals VIELEN DANK
    hab dich lieb
    schöne woche noch

  2. Taty, I hope you are feeling better. The picture of Madeline sitting up in the chair is one of the best pictures ever. Your photography class is making your pictures so professional. Keep up the good work. See you soon.