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AAAAAAAAAND Sunday... program continues...

so here we go....
- bryant park (watching people on the ice rink)
- looking at the outside of macy's (it wasn't opened at the time we got there)
- stopping by the manhattan mall (pee stop *lol* and we did pictures in one of those machines)
- union square (organic wonderland supermarket *lol* called garden eden)
- washington square garden
- christopher street
- cafe for me and "real hamburger" *lol* for my dad at a cafe on a corner of christopher street
- perry street (location where carrie bradshaw's appartment from sex and the city is located or better taped)
- walking downtown right onto the piers on the hudson river
- soho and greenwich village (enjoying, walking through the streets, shopping)
- heading back to our hotel, getting our luggage to go back home
- but before that we had dinner in grand central station ( dad's salad was not that good, there for my cesaer salad was great altough we eat with plastic forks *haha*)
falling asleep immediately... ;)

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