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MONDAY, big surprise and excitement for my dad

Hey so Monday was a kind of a normal working day for me, except for that it was just nice to be able to talk to somebody and not to be just part of a more "one-sided" communication... ;)
So that was pretty nice!
But then at night was my big before birthday surprise for my dad due... on tuesday (the day my dad arrived i got 3 tickets for a basketballgame, for my 1stdad , my other 1st dad and me ;) so i had been very well prepared for a real game *g*)
And the coolest thing was that he didn't know where we are going to go ;)
Just me and paul knowed of! And we went to a Knicks game (basketball). They played against a team from utah. And what should i say?! the game was just super tense and just great!!! The score was all the time very close and finally new york knicks won!!!
Could it be better?! During the game, Paul and my dad needed (of course) to have a beer and a hot dog *g* and i enjoyed my coke light ;) a big mug full of!!! *super-size-me*
Oh, and on the way to the game my dad and i got some tickets for the ultimate christmas show in radio citiy music hall!!! And we got amazing seats!!! And that just 4 days befor the show took place! I was soooooo happy and excited!

On our way back from the game paul felt asleep in the train... we got home around 1am and he needed to get up ar 4.30am!!!

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