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FIrst Christmas GIfts!!!

Yesterday Rebecca, Madeline and i had a pretty good day i guess ;) FIrst we went all together to Barnes and NObles for getting a coffee. The funniest thing was that there was a woman totally stressed from ordering different kind of sweet stuff (probably for her office or something) and she was soooo sorry that it took forever for ordering everything. It wasN#t really bad for us, because we had a lot of time, but she payed for rebeccas coffee ;) Isn't that cool?! I can just say "Pass the cheer!" ;) After that i went to the gym for running and a yoga lesson. Nadine came too and i was really surprised about that, but in a good way. So she tried the yoga lesson for her first time and she liked it ! *jippie* Then usually i wanted to go to Target but when i called rebecca if she needs something from the store she told me to come home, because we needed to go to the doctor with madeline. We thought that she might have a earache. But luckily there was nothing! So madeline and i dropped Rebecca off, that she can go to work *lol* and we stopped on the way back home at target for getting my things. Back home we went for a walk, danced, had some good food... And then Virginia arrived! And that was almost like christmas, because she had a gift for madeline! A bracelet! (see pic) isN't that pretty?! And also the matching hat to her poncho! Madeline gave then our cookies to her favourite therapist ;) At night then the ups-man brought my first christmasgifts from germany *freu* Thanks to ANNA & MARGIT! THe thing is, i opened margits gift already, because it didn't day that it was from a certain person... I love it! I will get my ice cream when i sweat in FLorida *haha* or like we did it in Vermont, as a snack at the cinema ;) THANK YOU SO MUCH! Was a great idea. For anna's gift i will wait ;) It sits under our christmastree ;) Okay that are the news! Love you and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Anonymous12/23/2007

    Hey Taty, freut mich, dass dir das Geschenk gefällt :)!! Aber es schmeckt ja auch einfach zuu gut ;)

    Liebe Grüße